Genome Healing Techniques

Genome Healing is DNA/Stem cell healing, it is where science meets spirituality. I completed an intensive course in July 2015 with Carol Roberts of Genome Healing where I learnt to communicate with the body’s organs, cells and systems and used various techniques to transform them back to functioning optimally.

The understanding is that everything is energy and can be transformed, even the distorted energetic patterns within our DNA.

When our organs and cells learn to co-operate with each other and begin to resonate with openness and love rather than fear and aggression, our whole body regenerates.

To regenerate our entire organism we have to align ourselves with the truth of our spiritual nature grounded firmly in the physical dimension. Discordant thoughts and feelings held deeply in our cellular memories have to go and be replaced with their blueprints of perfection. Each cell intrinsically knows this perfection exists within it.