Crystal Light Therapy

The Crystal Light Bed is a powerful healing system that has been designed by the Divine Light Beings who work through the renowned Brazilian Healer, John of God. This profound healing system pulses light of varying frequencies and colour through clear quartz crystals and into your seven major chakra centres. This deeply cleanses, opens, energises and balances your chakra centres, raising the frequency of your energy field to creates physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

Crystal Light Therapy assists with clearing blockages that keep you stuck in the unconscious patterns of behaviour, belief systems, circumstances and emotional energies that no longer serve you and your life’s path. The healing takes place on all levels. Those experiencing physical challenges often find healing occurs on other levels – mental, emotional or spiritual, before creating an improvement or complete healing in their physical body. Working with this healing system can assist in improving an area of your life that is not flowing. It is useful to clear addictive patterns, release deep emotional pain or simply bring unconscious fears or beliefs into conscious awareness.

The pace at which the healing process takes place is highly individual and each healing session is specifically designed for each client. Your readiness and willingness to commit always impacts upon your personal healing story.