Brazil Story:

In 2013 I travelled to Brazil with a group to visit the renowned Brazilian Medium/Healer Texeira de Faria, lovingly named and known by the people of Brazil as John of God. We spent two weeks in the beautiful small town of Abidiania. The Casa de Dom Inacio is where John of God works, seeing people from all over the world who come before him to receive healing from the Entities (or Light Beings) who work through him. He will also prescribe herbs or crystal bed healing as part of your healing process.

During my stay there I went before John of God and received spiritual healing and also a blessing to purchase a crystal light bed and set up a business working with the crystal light bed. I also received a blessing over the lights on my last day there.

My time at the Casa de Dom Inacio was indeed life-changing and I received profound inner peace and healing whilst there.

I have been working with the Crystal Light Bed for the past two years and have enjoyed seeing the improvement and happiness in clients as they bring their body, mind and soul back into balance and alignment, achieving a sense of inner peace and happiness.

My trip to Brazil in September 2017:

I returned to the Casa de Dom Inacio again with a group in August 2017 to deepen my connection with myself and my work with the Crystal Light Bed and also the Beings of Light that provide the healing…

After my first experience of being in Abidiania in 2013 where I was a little unsure and tentative about all the processes at the Casa and as I had also attended the Sydney conference when John of God visited Australia in 2014 I was now very enthusiastic about making the most of my time at the Casa. I went before John of God again and received spiritual healing, I had crystal light beds every day, I went to the Sacred Waterfall twice and spent many hours meditating in the beautiful gardens of the Casa.

After my two weeks there I left feeling so rejuvenated, replenished and uplifted – it truly was a deep spiritual experience and one I am so very grateful for.

After receiving and experiencing these wonderful healings and finding a deeper level with my work as a crystal light bed practitioner I have found my clients have benefited immensely which is so rewarding for them and for myself.

If you would like any more information regarding my journey to Brazil or if you are planning to visit the Casa de Dom Inacio yourself I would be more than happy to answers any questions you may have or assist in helping you.