About Me

From a young age I was able to sense Spirit and was aware of my intuition. I had a connection to nature, animals and the world around us, I always felt most at home being in a park or by the ocean where it was easy to be at one with nature.

As I grew, my interest in all things spiritual evolved and I attended many workshops and classes including natural therapies, astrology, tarot, angels, crystal therapies, reiki, mediumship, medical intuition and genome healing.

I have been reading tarot professionally for the past ten years and am now teaching a beginners tarot course. I have attended Doreen Virtues’ Angel Intuitive, Advanced Angel Therapy and Mediumship courses. I also enjoy working with animals and attended an animal communication course with Trisha McCagh. After completing two years of study, in 2011 I received a Diploma of Medical Intuition through the Carmel Bell College of Medical Intuition. I have also completed a Genome Healing course in July 2015.

I enjoy combining all my learning and abilities when facilitating a crystal light therapy session.